Here we are, folks!  The registration form for the 2014 edition of the TriSword tournament is available here .  You can find all the details of schedule and pre-registration on the form.

Of special note this year is the introduction of a Veterans' event.  Check it out!  I am so pumped!


With regret, the Dalhousie/Kings Fencing club announces that it will not be possible to hold the tournament this weekend (Oct 4, 2014).  It may be rescheduled for early in January

See the full details of the schedule of training sessions under the Enguardians club page

Preliminary dates for Tri-Sword announced

This year's Tri-Sword tournament will take place on the weekend of Nov 8-9.  Watch this space for details of location and event schedule.

Returning novice fencers and beginners should be aware that Enguardians will not be offering these programs this Fall.  Those interested in learning to fence should consider the programs run through Halifax city recreation.  The fencing program is on page 48 of their Fall/Winter catalogue.  The program starts September 13th